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Mon - Fri: 8AM- 10PM       Saturday: 7AM- 10PM       Sunday: 8AM- 8PM

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About us


Welcome to Super Braids and Weaving Salon online. Creative Braiding, unique styling, professional atmosphere, all converge into one place: Super Braids and Weaving Salon. No matter what length, style, texture and condition of your hair, we are able to turn ordinary into extra-ordinary.

Super Braids and Weaving Salon has been serving the Dallas Forth Metroplex with exceptional customer service over Ten years. We specialize in natural hair styles such as Braids and Extensions which include human and synthetichair, Senegalese Twist, Corn rows, Box or Single braids,Havana Twist, Goddess Braids, Tree braids, Micro braids, Sew in Weaves,  and many more. So come on in and visit us today, let our experienced braiders work for you.


The job was fast, reasonable and amazingly looking good. When I was done before I left the owner, Ms Betty remind me that if for any reason any of my braids is loosed or comes out, (because I have a very fine hair) I shouldn't hesitate to come back so they can fix them for free, even if the braids is 3 or 6 months old.

If this kind of attitude is not a good customer services,

I don't know what it is.

Go to Super Braids and Weaving salon and

you gonna be GLAD you did.

from Tanya Yarbrough of Hurst, TX

why us

Our stylists are committed to working with you to create the look that you desire.  We want to ensure you are 100% satisfied and earn your long-term business.

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